Saturday, June 19, 2010

These are from my garden. I think they are really cute!!

Want to see more nature??? go to....

It may not look like much but this is my garden.
John built me a fence and boxes.

These are beans!

These are my tomatoes from the Boy Scouts! Thanks Isaac!!

These are also tomatoes....yummy!!
I also have potatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, pumpkins, corn, and watermelon...

Friday, June 11, 2010

My favorites
This was hard... #1 we haven't been at it that long...#2 I wasn't sure if it was only past Foto Friday pictures or any pictures that we took... Sooo I put up 2 past Foto Fridays and 1 regular picture.
This picture was from "Motion" John and I both thought this was cool.
This one was from "Red"

And this picture was taken at Reptileland in May. I just like the colors of the butterfly and the flowers!
John and I are going to miss the Foto Fridays... we enjoyed all the topics!
(even the ones we didn't get to enter! )

If you want to enter go to...

This topic was too easy...we have lots of "animal" pictures.
(Of course none taken this week.)
First picture is of Chilly...she is a chinchilla...she doesn't like to be held but she lets me pet her and her fur is super soft. And you can see she is getting a little chunky. (she likes her treats!)

The next picture is of my Carlow. He also doesn't like to be held...and he is a bit of a biter.... but sometimes he can be so cute!

The last picture was taken at Living Treasures a few years back... I just thought it was cute.

Good luck with the Foto Fun!!! We will try to be back next week!