Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We were cleaning today and came across a couple pictures. This one was the favorite... For those who dont know the story... This is a picture of Mom and Wendy (in stroller) at the Zoo. Check out the background. Yes that is J.J. dangerously close to taking the plunge. We always knew Wendy was your favorite!!

Before I go I just want to say to Mom... Nice outfit. : )


Jemit said...

You are correct.. that is the worst outfit I ever wore.. don't know why I wore 2 different prints- must have been a little nutsy.. maybe a full moon?
I was horrified to see that JJ had made her way across the pond and was looking at the fish from her little perch.. AAAACCCCKKKK!!!!!

Wendy said...

An obvious Fashion Faux Pax (Is that how you spell it?)

Yes, it is indeed interesting how you seem to lose track of your children...JJ at the zoo...ME left at church...ME lost at the Farm Show...hmmm Yes I quite agree...I must have been the FAVORITE!!! Not to mention Manda and I being left outside by ourselves to fend off a hungry dog...while we shimmyed up a rope to save ourselves! I am sure if I think long and hard I could come up with a dozen "oops" did I do that stories for Mom...HA!

Jthemilker said...

Keith says that we should submit that picture to "What Not To Wear" and see if they can help. Ha ha ha ha ha