Monday, April 14, 2008

We decided to try something new today!
We drove into Pittsburgh to the Triangle Bar and Grill.
They have a hoagie there named the "Destroyer".
We saw it on a WQED special and John decided he had to have one.
The first picture it looks like any other sub... nothing that special.
The second picture shows just how large the sub is. (It has to be close to 3ft)
Notice the light in the kitchen...John put them in last night. (Hes so handy)
The last picture is our fishing trip after we ate. (No we didn't eat the whole thing!)
We both caught some fish this time but only got a picture of John.


Jthemilker said...

Wow... holy sub! LOL

Jemit said...

You didn't mention that the sub was as good as a Miller's hoagie.. I had 4" of it, and it was more than delicious! You can buy another one any time.. {{smile}}