Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday July 12
About two weeks ago we found a deal on a boat so we became boat owners it is a older boat (a 88) it came with a 9.9. hp motor (needed t.l.c.) we had some issues with the tow light hook up and after two weeks of waiting for the dealer to fix it we got the boat in the water it was a great feeling to be on the water.
Amanda told me to go out and she would take a picture of the boat and me in the water.She also said I had to make sure it did not sink. ha ha ha.

Amanda caught the first fish on the boat.
I caught a bluegill myself.
The boat was great no water in it when we stoppped fishing.
We both can't wait until the next time we have time go out on the boat.
The blog is up to date and we will try to blog more ( with other things than fishing/boating, who am i kidding we do what we love)
until next time.....


Wendy said...

LOVE the boat picture...glad it floated--Way to be a hero John! That catfish is HUGE!!!

Jthemilker said...

I'm glad it floats... I'd like to go for a ride in it sometime. :)