Friday, October 23, 2009

October 23
This weeks foto Friday was a little tricky.
We finally found some are our pictures.
The first picture we aren't sure what kind of berries they are. Mom pointed them out to us. (Thanks Mom)

These berries are on the burning bush at the side of our house.
The berries below I call "choke berries". I think they are actually called "choke cherries" but I think they look more like berries.

I'm sure everyone knows what the last berry is. Yummy red raspberries. I think these are my favorite kind of berry besides strawberries and blueberries.

This was a yummy topic this week!!

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Jemit said...

I love your final photos.. I believe the first one is rose hips.. full of vit C and really good for you..

Wendy said...

Berry good !! ha ha. These look oddly familiar. I really like the berries from the burning bush...nice job guys!

Bonnie said...


Tracy said...

I really like the top photo. It could easily be made into a pretty card!

Rebecca said...

nicely done!

I have always wondered what choke berries were. (I've always called them chokeberries too.) Too lazy to look it you ENABLED my laziness now! :-)

Peggy said...

Do you ever pick the chokecherries and make chokecherry jelly? Good stuff but takes a TON of sugar!!

I really enjoyed your photos!!